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Make the most of Ari's Awful Day with classroom lessons and activites!

So you read the book to your class... now what?

We wanted   Ari's Awful Day to be much more than a story that kids enjoy; we wanted it to be a tool you can use to teach your students about friendship, diversity, and racism.  That's why we created some lessons and activities that you can use with your students. We hope that you find them tremendously valuable.

Did you know...

  • Ari's Awful Day  was written with a K-2 student in mind, however it is written at a grade 3/4 reading level. 
  • We plan to keep adding resources! You can subscribe and get updates whenever new resources and activities are added to Ari's website. 
  • All the resources are free and can be copied and distributed freely. (Please just leave our logo on the page.)
  • All our resources are teacher approved!  We have a small team of educators that look over all our resources and come back with suggestions to make them better.
  • If you have ideas that you would like to share which could be made into teacher resources, please contact us and we will add them to our growing list of ideas! 
  • Finally, we have a special Kindness Club for kids that parents can enroll their children in. It's totally free and parents can find all the details here.
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