Ari's Kindness Club

Totally free! Totally fun!

We know that learning happens best by doing.

But it can be hard to know where to start! This is  why Ari and Mainer want to invite your kids to join Ari's Kindness Club!  When you subscribe to the club,  the FIRST 300 KIDS will receive a FREE membership card and a special gift in the mail and as well as monthly membership emails.

Those emails will have: 

  • Exclusive additional stories from Ari, Mainer, and their friends!
  • A special kindness challenge! 
  • A colouring page
  • Activities
  • AND the chance to submit your pictures and kindness stories which could be published online or in future editions of the Kindness Club email. 

Just imagine how kindness will grow in your family, when you get to practice real acts of kindness each and every month. 


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Monthly Subscription

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Ari's Kindness Club Registration

The registration form for Ari's Kindness Club must be filled out by a parent! 

VERY IMPORTANT IF YOU WANT TO REGISTER 2 or MORE KIDS! Separate registration forms are required for each child - with unique email addresses - so that they can each receive personalized emails and Kindness Club Membership Cards!  Two children cannot   be registered under one email address!

Birthdates are optional but if you choose to fill it in, your child will receive a personal email from Ari on their birthday!   (Please note the  date format YYYY-MM-DD)